How to file a complaint

If you call or send your opinion, observation or complaint to us, the Customer Care Unit responds immediately and refers it to the department concerned in the company for study, solving and to advise you accordingly of the action taken in this respect.
Your suggestions, observations and complaints are handled in accordance with the following procedures:
To acknowledge receipt of your request within twenty-four (24) hours and provide you with the reference number used for follow up.
In general, the procedures that ensure the immediate handling of your observations or the instant solving of your complaint are taken.
The Complaints Department sends your comments directly to the concerned department through an advanced automated system to investigate them and take appropriate action within a period not exceeding 5 working days from the date of receipt of the request.
If the concerned department does not respond, the system automatically raises your comments or complaints to the higher management level of the company to respond to them.
In the event of any deficiencies, the Complaints Department will contact you and request them from you.
When the Customer Care Unit receives the response of the concerned department, it will advise you of the actions taken and solution proposed for your complaint and the period of time required for implementing this solution.

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